Thermal Sensors

Industrial Thermocouple Assembly Type TC10 Remote Mount Industrial Thermocouple Assembly Type TC15  Industrial Thermocouple Sensor
Type TC40
Cut to Length Thermocouple Sensor Type TC45 Surface Thermocouple Sensor
Type TC50
Bayonet Thermocouple Sensor Type TC50 High Temperature Thermocouple Assembly Type TC80 High Temperature Thermocouple Sensors Type TC85 Tubeskin Thermocouple AssemblyType TC59 Reactor Multipoint Thermocouples
Industrial RTD Assembly
Type TR10
Remote Mount Industrial RTD Assembly Type TR15   Industrial RTD Sensor
Type TR40
Cut to Length RTD Sensor Type TR45 Surface RTD Sensor
Type TR50
Bayonet RTD Sensor Type TR53 Bearing RTD Sensor
Type TR58
DigiTherm Digital RTD
Type TR75
Digital Temperature Transmitters Analog Temperature Transmitters Digital Temperature Transmitters with HART  Protocol Fieldbus Temperature Transmitters            
Instrumentation PROTABLES INDICATORS          

Temperature Calibrators

Temperature Indicators

Temperature Controllers

Temperature Recorders

Infrared Thermometers