Pressure & Vacuum  
     J-SERIES Miniature   Low-Cost Switches with Non-Adjustable Set Points H-SERIES Miniature Low-Cost Switches with Adjustable Set Points P-SERIES Vacuum thru 6000 psig S-SERIES  Pressure to 8000 psig      S-Series        0  to 400psi, 30"Hg or Differential   S-SERIES   UL or FM Requirements
for Combustion Service
Marine Service  Nuclear Rated   Pressure, Vacuum and Differential  
P SERIES  -30F through 510F with Adjustable Set Points
and Fixed or Adjustable Deadband
S-SERIES -30F through 640F with Adjustable Set Points,
Fixed or Adjustable Deadband
      Nuclear Rated         -30F through 510 F            
ASCO 7000 Series ASCO Medium Voltage ASCO 4000 Series   ASCO  300 Series ASCO 185 Series

ASCO Low Voltage Automatic Transfer

Lighting Contactors            
Remote Control