Pressure & Vacuum
Commercial Industrial Process Digital Duplex Absolute Digital Gauge for General Industrial Applications
intelliGAUGE Pressure gauges with electrical output signal
Pressure gauges with auxillary contacts
Low Pressure            
632.50, 633.50 Relative Pressure with Capsule Element 611.10, 631.10 Relative Pressure with Capsule Element 611.13 Relative Pressure with Capsule Element            
air2guide P+E Copper Alloy Wetted Parts
Aluminum Case
Magnetic-Piston Sensing Element Copper Alloy Wetted Parts
In-Line Connections
Bourdon Tube Series
Membrane Sensing Element Economy Low Pressure Measurement
Capsule Element Series
Low Pressure Applications
with Alarm Contacts or Transmitter
Capsule Element Series
High Precision Test & Calibration Series 65-120          
Stainless Steel Pocan Case, Stainless Steel Wetted Parts Panel Mounted 6" Dial Calibration Equipment          
Seal Gauges          
Stainless Steel Process Sanitary Direct Drive          
Diaphragm Seals          
Threaded Flanged Hydra-Line Sanitary          
Gauge Cocks Ball Valve Gauge Cocks Gauge Needle Valves Snubbers Pressure Gauge Restrictor Gauge Siphons Couplings Overpressure Protector